My baby is teething, what’s the best thing that I can do?


My baby is teething, what’s the best thing that I can do?

I am almost certain that anyone who has been through this process may have heard of a ton of symptoms in relation to teething, almost to a point where every sign and symptom that your baby displays could be teething, now while I’m just kidding, this process can be confusing and more often than not results in us overreacting.

In order to get quick results, we find ourselves searching for the best thing to do in order to relieve the pain associated with teething but we must remember that teething and the pain it comes with can be seen as a natural process of life. Most times there is no cause for concern however, if the symptoms result in your baby not having an appetite, having an unpleasant mood or having restless and sleepless nights, it could be time to take action. Here are a few tips and tricks that could help alleviate the uncomfortable feeling your baby is having and relieve some of the stress that you as a parent could be facing:

  1. Using toys or food

BPA free or child safe products that your child can chew on are your first bet. Be sure to cool them as they will provide a soothing sensation to your baby’s gums. In relation to using chilled toys, chilled foods are also an option. Chilled cucumber strips will work wonders, other chilled food items include toasted breads, ice-cream, yoghurt and fruits. One other inventive solution is using a cooled facecloth and allowing your baby to chew on it. This will not only alleviate symptoms of discomfort for your baby but will also help to absorb the potential drool created from chewing on the face cloth

  1. Gentle massaging of your baby’s gums

The emergence of a new tooth causes a difference in pressure in the gums. This imbalance in pressure is what tends to cause the discomfort that your baby is feeling, by massaging your baby’s gums, you will not only aid in relieving the pain but will also help to improve blood circulation in the gums and aid in getting the new tooth to come out.

  1. Use of gels and ointments

A quick temporary solution to stop teething pain would be to use a gel or ointment that has been prescribed by a pharmacist or pediatric physician. These gels work quite similarly to topical anesthesia and aims to numb the baby’s gums to block pain signals. The best time to deploy a gel or ointment would be right before bedtime as this will delay the onset of teething pain in order to facilitate better sleep

  1. Administer infant pain relievers.

If the above remedies are implemented and no signs of improvement are shown, please speak to your pediatrician for further advice as they can prescribe infant-safe pain relievers. Just remember to stick to the prescribed dosage and follow the instructions as required

The process of teething is natural and inevitable, dealing with your baby’s crankiness and crying is quite a challenge and not to mention the emotional and physical strain that you as a parent must bear. Always remember to remain calm in order for your baby to follow suite and remember to talk about the challenges that you are facing, getting advice and guidance will help to alleviate the anxiety that you may be facing.




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